ABCs of Special Collections: P is for

For your alphabetical pleasure, we present the letter: P is for Ron Padgett As a high school student in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ron Pagett co-founded the low budget journal, The White Dove Review, boldly soliciting poems from many of the avant-garde … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: O is for…

With more letters behind us than left to go, we now come down to the surprisingly subversive  letter… O is for Octoroon During the European colonial period and throughout chattel slavery in the Americas, a new terminology sprung up to … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: N is for…

We are back again, and this time with the letter: N is for Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson’s influential essay “Nature,” published in 1836, is the foundational document for the Transcendentalist Movement. In “Nature,” Emerson set forth his belief that God … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: M is for…

And now for your reading and viewing pleasure, the letter M is for Robert McAlmon An accomplished writer in his own right, Robert McAlmon’s greatest contribution to literary culture may have been his publishing enterprises. First printing avant-garde prose and … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: L is for…

And we are back with the letter: L is for James Laughlin While studying poetry with Ezra Pound in Italy, the poet told him, “You’re never going to be any good as a poet. Why don’t you take up something … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: K is for…

We are almost at the half-way mark with today’s letter: K is for Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Best known for The Metamorphosis (1915), Franz Kafka is arguably one of the most influential writers of the 20th-century. In 1908, his first eight … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: J is for…

Of course, we had to begin the letter “J” with the most famous “J” of all at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library! J is for Jamestown The Virginia Company of London received a charter from James I … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: I is for

Welcome to our most recent installment of the ABCs of Special Collections, where the  featured letter is I is for Robert Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll, the great American 19th-Century orator, was popularly known as “The Great Agnostic.” An attorney by trade, … Continue reading

ABCs of Special Collections: H is for

Hello again, and welcome to another installation of the ABCs of Special Collections!  Today, we give you the letter: H is for Hollinger Box n. ~ A container that holds folders containing paper documents vertically and that measures roughly 10 … Continue reading

The ABCs of Special Collections: G is for

Our alphabetical series continues!  We present the letter: G is for Giant, the movie The 1956 Warner Brothers film adaptation of Edna Ferber’s best-selling novel Giant was partially filmed in Albemarle County, Virginia.  The film was directed by George Stevens … Continue reading