Staff Spotlight: Rose Oliveira – Accessioning Archivist

We’ve hired several new staff in the Small Special Collections Library in the past year, and we’re delighted to introduce you to our wonderful new colleagues. In previous weeks, we met Whitney Buccicone, Kim Cull, and Stacey Lavender. This week, meet Rose Oliveira, our Accessioning Archivist

Rose Oliveira, Accessioning Archivist

Rose Oliveira, Accessioning Archivist

Rose Oliveira is the Accessioning Archivist at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library. She began this new position in June of 2020. She previously worked at the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. Rose and her intrepid cat Euri ( short for Euripides) enjoy reading books, writing letters, and adventuring in the outdoors.

What was your first ever job with books or libraries? 

Growing up in Naugatuck, Connecticut, the Howard Whittemore Library was my second home. But my first job working in libraries came in my library program when I got a graduate assistant job at the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives. My first job working with books was in Seattle. I worked at the University District’s Half Price Books. I never had the pleasure of working with a better cast of characters (and I do mean characters). It certainly helped me on my way.

What was the first thing you collected as a child? What do you collect now? (oh, c’mon, admit it).

Actually, I was not much of a collector as a child unless you count Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High books. I had a lot of those! Because I have done a lot of moving, I keep my collections very curated and small. But I do collect friends’ zines from the Pacific Northwest.

Hopefully you’ve been roaming Grounds and Charlottesville a bit since your arrival. What’s your favorite new discovery other than Special Collections?

Hard question…but probably Blue Hole. Growing up by the water, I knew that I would miss the ocean when I moved to Charlottesville. I was determined to find as many swimming holes as safely as I could during COVID. Blue Hole was the first one I found. I like that it’s close, an easy hike, and a great place to swim.

Tell us what excites you about your job? 

SO MANY THINGS!! I love the creativity and problem solving that is required in understanding and mapping out a new position. I love being able to create the initial records that provide access to users more quickly to the truly amazing collections we bring in. I love working with a great team of people on accessioning digital materials and making them available to users. And, I truly love working with my colleagues; they make the library flourish and do incredible things in their varied roles.

UVA Library staff unloading a truck

Rose with colleagues accepting delivery of a recently donated collection.

“I truly love working with my colleagues; they make the library flourish and do incredible things in their varied roles.”

Tell us something about Special Collections or UVA that is different from what you expected.

Well, I came into the library and UVA at a very unusual time, so everything is different than what I expected. However, I am impressed with how adaptable and flexible everyone (staff, students, faculty) has been in such extreme changes.

If you could be locked in any library or museum for a weekend, with the freedom to roam, enjoy, and study to your heart’s content, which one would you choose? 

Another hard question. Probably the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Specifically when the nasturtiums are in bloom in the spring. It has both botanical features and amazing art to be inspired by all weekend long. The courtyard is magical; I would love to frolic and read and write there. They also have a great library that is available for browsing that I would enjoy being locked in with for the weekend.

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